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In memory of Dr. Terry Schnieder.
A great supporter and patriot.

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They confiscated and destroyed guns in Australia and there are people who want to do it to us here!

It is time to do something about it! More than what is being done now to protect our gun rights.

Well, we here at the Gun Owners Satellite Channel Association are promoting
more in the Public Arena with the most effective tool......Television.....

We have tried to setup a TV network for Gunowners and the shooting sports.
We made a small start,but did not have the money or backing to raise the money and we want no money now,just your help.We had a start
in 1999 with some satellite programming that ran for 2 months,but
we could not rally the support to cover the cost.

What we are doing now,is to lobby for some group with the money to
do it.We feel that having our own TV network is the only way to win
the battle for gun rights,promote any decent gains in the shooting sports,
and the Second Amendment.

You can help by contacting the following groups to lobby them to setup
a fulltime shooting sports TV network for gunowners.

National Shooting Sports Foundation

Also promote this idea on all the shooting talk forums.
Need more info. please e-mail or call us.

I am a "gun nut" who has developed "wildcat" cartridges and that is
why I am vitally interested in gunowners having their own TV network.

I have developed 2 wildcats and am working on the third.
The first being the "458 Hubel Express"
Producing 3000 Fps with a 450 gr. bullet.
The second being the "510 Hubel Express"
Producing 3000 Fps with a 600 gr. bullet.
The third will be a 900 gr. bullet@3000 Fps!!
Called the "625 Hubel Express"
Definately not for the faint of
 Photo comparing the 458 HE to 458 Win.

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